Various Topics Involving Phasors (Phase Vectors)

A phasor is a complex number that represents the amplitude and phase angle of a sinusoid. Sinusoids are often represented in phasor form because they are easier to work with than sine or cosine functions. One specific application of phasors is the analysis of linear electrical circuits driven by sinusoidal sources (such as AC circuits.) Prior to directly addressing phasors themselves, we will briefly review a baseline concept of sinusoids and complex numbers.

(Part 1) Overview of Sinusoids

Review of Sinusoids

Sinusoid example problems

(Part 2) Overview of Complex Numbers

Review of complex numbers

Complex number example problems

(Part 3) Introduction to Phasor Notation

Phasor Notation

Example Problems (Converting sinusoids to phasors)

Example Problems (Converting phasors to sinusoids)

(Part 4) Phasors and Sinusoidal Calculus

Using phasors to express the derivatives and integrals of sinusoids.

Differential equation example

Integro-differential equation example