Shopping List (components)

Photo of circuit containing an H-Bridge

So without further delay, let's break down a list of the core components needed:

For some items I have provided a link to an online catalog entry for the retailers I used. Of course you can get all of the components at many different retailers besides the ones listed. If I don't provide a link its because you probably know exactly what it is and where to find it (if you don't have one already.) There are also some items that are not completely necessary but I found them to to helpful in the process of getting the circuit to work and perhaps you may too.

Breadboard (Qty 1)


1N5819 Schottky Diodes (Qty 4)

Schottky diodes

10 kOhm resistors (Qty 4)

10 k Ohm resistors

10 kOhm Potentiometer (Qty 1)

10 k potentiometer

10 uF capacitors (Qty 2)

10 microfarad capacitor

100 Ohm Resistors (Qty 4)

100 Ohm resistor

7805 5V Voltage Regulator (Qty 1)

7805 voltage regualtor

LEDs (Qty 2)

Preferably in two different colors.


Brushed DC Motor (Qty 1)

Just about any normal sized one will do.

Brushed DC motor

N-Channel MOSFET (Qty 2)

N Channel MOSFET

P-Channel MOSFET (Qty 2)

P channel MOSFET

0.1 uF Capacitors (Qty 4)

.1 microfarad capacitor

Microchip PIC16F1937 (Qty 1)

Mousers Electronics

PIC microprocessor

PIC Programmer (Qty 1)

If you don't know what this is you probably

need to learn microcontroller programming first

PIC programmer

Texas Instruments SN754410 H-Bridge Driver (Qty 1)

This is an L293D clone/equivalent. Any appropriate

device that can serve as a MOSFET gate driver

will do.

Texas Instruments SN7544

On/Off Switches (Qty 2)

On Off switches

DC-DC Converter(Qty 1)

Not absolutely necesary but makes life

easier when you can control voltage output.

I got mine from these guys.

DC converter


While it represents a substantial investment, an oscilloscope is an extremely valuable tool when building any kind of circuit that deals with rapidly changing signals (such as the PWM signals we will be confronting). You can get by with a voltmeter, but as your projects grow in complexity an oscilloscope will be something that becomes almost unavoidable when you need to efficiently troubleshoot various problems.

Next up, Assembling the h-bridge