Datasheets for various devices/components used in this tutorial:


Microchip PIC16F1937.

N-Channel MOSFET:

Fairchild N-Channel

P-Channel MOSFET:

Fairchild P-Channel

Driver IC:

Texas Instruments SN7544

Source Code:

MtrHbrdg4MOSFETS.pdf (PDF)

MtrHbrdg4MOSFETS.asm (text file)

Links of interest:

Microchip website.

Tons of good info in the forums as well as application notes (AN series papers) released by Microchip which cover numerous topics ranging from binary arithmetic routines to interfacing with various peripheral devices etc...

Main website



An excellent way to get started learning how to program PIC microcontrollers when you are just starting out. Like I said, it's the best $15 you will spend if you really want to learn how the guts of these things operate. Each topic is explained in both the C programming language and assembly.

Googlium Tutorials

PK2CMD Software

For those using Linux and have access to (or want to use) the discontinued PICKIT2 programmer, the following is a link to the PK2CMD software which allows you to program the devices via the command line. It wont support chips made since about 2009 or so, but unlike Intel CPUs, 8-bit microprocessor technology doesn't really advance at a breakneck pace and you can do just about anything with the devices made prior to that time. Microchip also continues to produce every MCU they ever released (as far as I know) so its not like they go out of style.