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Thanks for visiting the Bit Driven Circuits web-page. This is a place to share various projects I have been working on as well as topics I find interesting in the world of embedded programming, electronics, and the math/physics related to those topics.

Topics of Interest:

Underwater Robotics


DIY Battery Monitor

Battery Monitoring Circuit

Brushed DC motor control with PIC microcontroller

H-bridge circuit

LCD interfacing with PIC microcontroller

Hitachi 44780

Constructing a vacuum chamber

DIY Vacuum Chamber

Electrical Engineering Math and Physics (with example problems)

Integration by Parts

Cramer's Rule

Maxwell's Equations (Converting from integral to differential form)

The Laplace Transform

Differential Equations


Vector Math for Lines and Planes

AC and DC Circuit Analysis (with example problems)

RLC circuits (DC)

Op-amps (DC)

Op-amps (AC)

Phasor Voltage and Current

Impedance and Admittance

Phase shifting circuits

Nodal Analysis with AC circuits

Mesh Analysis with AC circuits

Superposition Theorem (AC)

Thevenin and Norton circuits (AC)

Instantaneous + Average Power (AC)

RMS calculations

Apparent Power and the Power Factor

Complex Power

Power Factor Correction

Three-Phase Systems

Magnetically Coupled Ciruits (Transformers)

Frequency Response

The Laplace Transform


Toyota 22R Aisin Carburetor Rebuild and Manual Choke Conversion

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Hobbyist/electronics enthusiast.

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