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Topics Discussed in the Circuit Analysis Sections:

DC Circuit Analysis



AC Circuit Analysis

Voltage/Current phasor relationships


Phase Shifting Circuits

NODAL Analysis with AC Circuits

MESH Analysis with AC Circuits

Superposition Theorem (AC)

Thevenin/Norton Circuits (AC)

AC Op-amp circuits

AC Power Analysis

Instantaneous and Avg. Power

RMS (Effective) values

Apparent Power/Power Factor

Complex Power

Power Factor Correction

Three-Phase Circuits

Introduction to 3-phase

Balanced Three-phase voltages

Balanced Three-phase Loads

Balanced Y-Y connections

Balanced Y-Delta connections

Balanced Delta-Delta connections

Balanced Delta-Y connections

Three phase power

Three phase resources/formulas

Magnetically Coupled Circuits\Transformers

Mutual Inductance

Energy (magnetic coupling)

Linear Transformers

Ideal Transformers

Ideal Autotransformers

Three-phase Transformers

Transformer Applications

Frequency Response

Frequency Response (intro)

Transfer Function

Decibel Scale

Bode Plots

Series Resonance

Parallel Resonance

Passive Filters

Active Filters


Applications (radio receiver)

Applications (touch-tone telephone)

Laplace Transform and the Frequency Domain


Properties of the Laplace transform

Inverse Laplace Transform

The Convolution Integral

Integrodifferential Equations